A downloadable game for Windows

Use  WASD to move and Space to interact.

Choose whether you want to ATTACK, DEFEND, or HEAL by rolling the corresponding die. The number on the die will determine how successful you are. Of course your opponent has their own set of dice, so be careful!

Lucky is a young goblin with an immense love for dice who has spent all their life dreaming of working for The Dragon, looking after her dice hoard.

When their dream position opens up, Lucky decides to impress the dragon by returning a set of long-lost dice to her, stolen from her lair over 200 years ago by a group of adventurers.

When the dragon found out her dice were gone, the adventurers became trapped in the dungeons below her lair, along with the dice. They have been stuck there ever since…

Help Lucky find their way through the dungeons and recover the dice so they can impress the dragon and get hired for their dream job!


ClickClack_Attack_v0.8.zip 29 MB

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