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Welcome the the valley of the Deadsperados!

This old canyon harbours spirits of dead bandits. sacrifice their souls to the campfires to free the skeletons of the undead curse.

Make sure you don't lose control! Your actions have a life bar that the cursed skeletons will attempt to drain. It will also go down by usage. Collect the pickups to heal back up: pickups will heal whichever healthbar is the lowest withing their respective category. Blue pickups will heal your movement controls, orange pickups will heal your weapon controls. The green pickup will heal any of the lowest controls.

WASD: Move

Spacebar: Jump

Left Mouse: Shoot shotgun

Right Mouse: Melee attack

Escape: Quit game

Created by Pieter Pauwels (art, level decoration) & Tom Ryckeboer (programming, level design, audio).

Updated to version 0.2! Deadsperados now includes:

- Enemy variety: from varying headwear to different sizes/speeds/damage resistance

- Updated level design & decoration

- Exploding powder kegs

- Slightly different reduction to movement controls' healthbars

- A settings menu

- Generally updated visuals: additional post-processing, cinematic mode, graphical update for the campfire, pickups, UI, ...

- Bug fixes


Deadsperados 1.01 (Windows 32-bit) 95 MB
Deadsperados 1.01 (Windows 64-bit) 117 MB

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