Like Trucking Tuesday? like Jingle Cats? Of course you do!

Would you like them together? No. But we did it anyway.

Created by Tom Ryckeboer (programming, music/audio) & Pieter Pauwels (art, level design)!


WASD to control, Left click to honk, SHIFT to boost, R to respawn.


The Feline Five have lost their instruments, now they won't be able to perform at the Christmas concert! save all the kitties to save C(h)ristmas.


Trucking 31 MB


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Absolutely amazing


This was a wonderful experience. 15/15 yogstars from me.


Incredible stuff. I managed to get a vertical launch off a hill for the reverse infinity speed easteregg and it made the interstellar cats even better. 


Where did you get the interstellar Jingle Cats audio? Could I have the file for youtube if its self made?


Made it myself in FL Studio, used my own cat's meows. Here's a lossless download link:


Thank you so much !