Stumbling out of the starting blocks

A rough start

Our first week in production started off pretty slow. We had some difficulty with the creation of our design model. Trying to create tasks from a feature list, keeping track what needs art and what doesn't, and estimating times with different programmers working at different speeds. It took a while, but eventually we managed and we got feedback that we were good to go.. so time to get going!


As the artists also wanted to work on the shaders, we decided to switch to Unity 2018.1.0b10.
Due to the rough start, we ended up starting on our code late in the week. After some working, we managed to get the basic tank mechanics into the new project. These mechanics include of: Game setup, basic moving and turning with turn smoothing, shooting and bullets creating hazards, hazards dealing damage and tanks taking damage, and the ability to reset our tanks and respawn them with a penalty where you can move for a short period of time.


Sadly we were short an artist this week, but we still have some new things to show off!
We decided to go make our playable map to be pirate themed.
To start us off, we got a neat barrel and crate prop, and some wood pieces.
And off course, a pirate theme wouldn't be much without sand.

Latest build controls

  • Manual reset: H
  • Manual go (after respawn): G
  • Manual respawn: Y

Tank1 (left)

  • Turn left: A (controller 1 dpad left, or L)
  • Turn Right: D (controller 1 dpad right, or R)
  • Shoot: W (controller 1 button A)

Tank2 (right)

  • Turn left: J (controller 2 dpad left, or L)
  • Turn Right: L (controller 2 dpad right, or R)
  • Shoot: I (controller 2 button A)

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Mar 15, 2018

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