Getting back on track

Picking up the pase

After last week's issues, we had to get ourselves back on track. The goal this week was to get back to where we were at the end of the prototype. And asside from a few things, we mostly managed to get there. We might be missing a few things, but we also have some other things we didn't have before.


Code-wise this week wasn't all too fancy, as it was mostly stuff we had during the prototype. The game-loop and the arena are back, so the game can once again start on its own and reset for new rounds. And we can welcome back the portals, pickups, sudden death, drifting, HUD, ... Some things might not be 100% complete yet, but they are back. One new thing we have now is a victory counter. You can now see how many rounds each player has won, and how many wins are needed. Once a player has scored enough wins, the game ends for the victory screen, which... will eventually look great, but for now you'll just have to use your imagination!


This week we have some new props for our pirate theme. There's some foliage to help set the sandy ground apart from a desert. And of course a pirate theme wouldn't be much without some cannons to sink ships with! Or maybe just relax under our palm trees and take a nap in the hammock while you listen to the peaceful sounds of... tanks shooting each other.

All things solid aside, we've also got some new particles to spice up the place. To join our original 'Boom' effect, we now also have a hit effect that will help give feedback when a tank manages to shoot an enemy directly, and some neat portal effects.

And to finish it off, a particle effect to be used when a wooden object (like a crate or barrel) is destroyed.

Latest build controls

Tank1 (left)

  • Turn left: A (controller 1 dpad left, or L)
  • Turn Right: D (controller 1 dpad right, or R)
  • Shoot: W (controller 1 button A)
  • Drift: S

Tank2 (right)

  • Turn left: J (controller 2 dpad left, or L)
  • Turn Right: L (controller 2 dpad right, or R)
  • Shoot: I (controller 2 button A)
  • Drift: K

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Mar 22, 2018

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