Shaders are back on the menu, boys!

Making it look a bit more legit

Get it? Shaders, back on the menu. Because we have shaders... and menus... I'll show myself out.
On a more serious note, we found out that Shader Graph was still too primitive for what we needed. For example it doesn't support stencil or geometry shaders yet. So out with the Shader Graph and custom render pipeline, and in with the good old handwritten shaders.


Like we said, we are back to manually writing shaders, so part of the coder's time was spent on doing just that. We remade the shader for the sand textures, made a version of the standard cut-out shader to work 2 sided, and we made a shader for the bullet hazards.
The next thing we added was randomness to our arena by spawning props in semi-random locations, and environmental hazards, so the gameplay feels a bit different every round.
We also added some more UI elements such as player health above tanks, messages about who won a round and a countdown. And as mentioned before, we have some basic menus now! Rather that just dropping you in the game right away, you are now greeted with a main menu to start a game, change some basic settings, and read up on the gameplay and keyboard controls. So no more adding the controls at the end of every blogpost!
Lastly, the pickups made a full comeback this update.


Since the programmers made some of the shaders, the artists used them to make some neat effect. The most prominent one being the bullet hazard, which really ends up bringing the 'Time' aspect into the game.

And we have some new props such as a crashed UFO from a long time from now, in a galaxy far far away, and.. we have some booty, matey!

Also a rock. not as cool but still essential. You can use different sides to make it look like different rocks, that's kinda cool.. right?

Also another sand texture, for more variation, as well as a water texture.

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Mar 29, 2018

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